How To Receive A Person Distributing Flyers

Last day, after shopping at a supermarket when I walked out of the exit, a petite girl, possibly delving in her late teens, handed me a cyan-tinted flyer. Not because the single 4-rupee bag carrying munchies was heavy, I flashed her my left palm suggesting a “NO.” She frowned.

It is with her gloomy face in mind that I am writing this post. I am so ashamed of my action that I pondered upon it later that day. The girl was wearing a double-strapped bag which was stretching at her shoulders. So she possibly is a student with a heavy curriculum. Taking time out of her teenage schedule just to distribute flyers? To earn few bucks to cope with the daily life? That’d make her quite nervy & broke. And I just added up to her gloom.

So, how do you receive people who distribute pamphlets in the street corners because it is a compulsory task they should do to make ends meet? And what if it is a lady?

Next time I’d just take it and give back few words of gratitude. Because that there is an opportunity he/she’s throwing at me. Maybe,  the flyer consists details of a free exhibition nearby? Or a book giveaway session? Or a free dental checkup? Or… So, that serves two purposes: 1.) the person distributing has one flyer less to deal with and 2.) you are exposed to some offer. And further, if you are perturbed with it, just throw it in the next dustbin you find (which I am pretty sure in Mumbai would be at your own house). Easy!

I sincerely feel the girl I was talking about successfully deals with life issues as through personal experience I know, things are worse for people like her.

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