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List: Things Adults Do At A Supermarket

Nasty things.

  • Window-shop without the intention of buying
  • Take one product from a rack in aisle 3 and put it back in a rack in aisle 23 (don’t you often find a pack of biscuits smothered between two pairs of jeans?)
  • Take ownership of an aisle by artfully placing their trolleys in the middle
  • Drop things and pretend to not have noticed
  • Drop things and leave them for the housekeeping to pick up
  • Gaze at other people’s trolleys
    • And then judge them by their contents
  • Ogle at women
  • Ogle at good-looking men
  • Bring their crying babies
  • Bring their better halves who fail at tending the crying babies
  • Use a trolley when they want to buy only a packet of bread
  • Park their trolleys literally anywhere before going upstairs to check out those colourful bean bags
  • Empty perfume/deodorant bottles
  • Keep away from sanitary pads and undergarments section
  • Discuss recipes
  • Try out a tee, hate it, wring it into a ball, and then put it back in the toys section
  • Clog entranceways
  • Criticise the hypermarket for not managing their entranceways
  • Take home trolleys and/or baskets with them
  • Spill loose products
  • Keep the refrigerators open
  • Try to replace price tags hoping the CCTVs don’t catch them
  • Vent ire about paying 3 to 5 rupees for polythene bags
  • Decide to not buy that sauce while at the counter
  • Forget their credit card identification number
  • Forget to bring their wallet
  • Block the exitway
  • Forget at least one thing to buy

Enough to make supermarkets one of the worst places to work.

How To Receive A Person Distributing Flyers

Last day, after shopping at a supermarket when I walked out of the exit, a petite girl, possibly delving in her late teens, handed me a cyan-tinted flyer. Not because the single 4-rupee bag carrying munchies was heavy, I flashed her my left palm suggesting a “NO.” She frowned.

It is with her gloomy face in mind that I am writing this post. I am so ashamed of my action that I pondered upon it later that day. The girl was wearing a double-strapped bag which was stretching at her shoulders. So she possibly is a student with a heavy curriculum. Taking time out of her teenage schedule just to distribute flyers? To earn few bucks to cope with the daily life? That’d make her quite nervy & broke. And I just added up to her gloom.

So, how do you receive people who distribute pamphlets in the street corners because it is a compulsory task they should do to make ends meet? And what if it is a lady?

Next time I’d just take it and give back few words of gratitude. Because that there is an opportunity he/she’s throwing at me. Maybe,  the flyer consists details of a free exhibition nearby? Or a book giveaway session? Or a free dental checkup? Or… So, that serves two purposes: 1.) the person distributing has one flyer less to deal with and 2.) you are exposed to some offer. And further, if you are perturbed with it, just throw it in the next dustbin you find (which I am pretty sure in Mumbai would be at your own house). Easy!

I sincerely feel the girl I was talking about successfully deals with life issues as through personal experience I know, things are worse for people like her.

How Not To Say ‘NO?’

If, until the time of reading this, you have not said NO to anyone about any hell of a thing, then I will consider you are either an android or a teenager. I am sure a time will come when you WILL have to utter the two letter obnoxious word. However you say it, make you sure you don’t say it this way:

Last day, one of my jolly classmates approached me to be her partner in an inter-collegiate technical paper presentation. Her spirits were too high for the local competition. She was being redirected from a dear friend who had already said NO to her on grounds that he was not available during the day of presentation. Clever! Not thinking about the status quo, I texted her of my approval. After having presented tens of presentations, with failures in the last few, I had decided not to participate in those stereotypical competitions. But, I still haven’t figured out why I said YES in the first place. I believe it had to do with – 1. my inability to say NO 2. Her undaunted attitude & dependency.

So, here we go about the topic selection. My brain finally realized the state of affairs & began to instruct me about how careless I should behave in the next fifteen minutes. And I did. She sent an abstract downloaded from the internet to the organizers of the competition for analysis & pre-selection. The topic was too boring for me, against the fact that I did not have any other in my mind. A copy was received into my mail, too. Had I been the organizer, I would have never selected it. Next day, her text message read, “Hey, we got selected. 🙂 :)”

It was the unluckiest hour of my day and I chose not to reply. Next day, after our first session of examination, she came to me and asked what I was gonna do. Her believing eyes and sentimental approach again forced me to say the three-letter obnoxious word. I bought myself few more hours before I called her up in the evening about how my answer was always a NO. No, I didn’t say that, else there’s no point of this post.

I told her how presenting without preparation would be of no use and it was obvious that we’d not win. Based on pure lies, I pacified her before tears started dripping out of my phone’s speaker. Next day, the girl I knew as a lovely & always-smiling girl was different. Not to the world, but to me.

So, the lesson learnt here is that if the answer is NO, say it right. If there’s even an iota of doubt in your YES, it is time to rethink before you start selling free hopes.