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  • List: Things Adults Do At A Supermarket

    A comprehensive list of irritating things that people do in supermarkets. (Indian version)

  • How To Receive A Person Distributing Flyers

    Last day, after shopping at a supermarket when I walked out of the exit, a petite girl, possibly delving in her late teens, handed me a cyan-tinted flyer. Not because the single 4-rupee bag carrying munchies was heavy, I flashed her my left palm suggesting a “NO.” She frowned. It is with her gloomy face […]

  • How Not To Say ‘NO?’

    If, until the time of reading this, you have not said NO to anyone about any hell of a thing, then I will consider you are either an android or a teenager. I am sure a time will come when you WILL have to utter the two letter obnoxious word. However you say it, make […]