List: Things Adults Do At A Supermarket

Nasty things.

  • Window-shop without the intention of buying
  • Take one product from a rack in aisle 3 and put it back in a rack in aisle 23 (don’t you often find a pack of biscuits smothered between two pairs of jeans?)
  • Take ownership of an aisle by artfully placing their trolleys in the middle
  • Drop things and pretend to not have noticed
  • Drop things and leave them for the housekeeping to pick up
  • Gaze at other people’s trolleys
    • And then judge them by their contents
  • Ogle at women
  • Ogle at good-looking men
  • Bring their crying babies
  • Bring their better halves who fail at tending the crying babies
  • Use a trolley when they want to buy only a packet of bread
  • Park their trolleys literally anywhere before going upstairs to check out those colourful bean bags
  • Empty perfume/deodorant bottles
  • Keep away from sanitary pads and undergarments section
  • Discuss recipes
  • Try out a tee, hate it, wring it into a ball, and then put it back in the toys section
  • Clog entranceways
  • Criticise the hypermarket for not managing their entranceways
  • Take home trolleys and/or baskets with them
  • Spill loose products
  • Keep the refrigerators open
  • Try to replace price tags hoping the CCTVs don’t catch them
  • Vent ire about paying 3 to 5 rupees for polythene bags
  • Decide to not buy that sauce while at the counter
  • Forget their credit card identification number
  • Forget to bring their wallet
  • Block the exitway
  • Forget at least one thing to buy

Enough to make supermarkets one of the worst places to work.

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