Hey. I’m Tejas Nair. I’m a writer and I do stuff. You may start reading my blog here. Most of it is about culture and films.

This website originated from my love for writing which I see as a form of creation. It’s a thing that keeps me going. So, thank you for stopping by and taking interest in it.

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If you are looking to collaborate on a project, check out my portfolio and my projects. I occasionally work on freelance writing projects and would very much like to associate with anything that involves focusing on the English language, its grammar and linguistics, and its usage to make people do things.


Other than writing, which is mostly a vocation right now, I work with a Publicis agency as a performance marketer. It’s a fancy term for someone who manages online marketing projects for a bunch of clients. It’s working out great so far because come June 2020 I will be completing five years at it.

Tejas Nair at MAMI
This is how I look

I usually focus on web content, organic search, and brand reputation. I am very much interested in copywriting and advertising.

I usually hang out at Reddit, Facebook, Wikipedia, Goodreads, and IMDb. Most of my non-digital time goes on reading stuff written by others and cataloguing my book collection. I am also a film enthusiast and know a bit about Malayalam cinema.

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Yours truly, Tejas Nair