My name is Tejas Nair and this is my website.

I like to closely observe our culture and society and then write things about them. Most of the time it is not a popular opinion. So, if you stop hearing from me suddenly, call the cops.

Tejas Nair at MAMI
When I was covering the MAMI MFF in 2018 at Regal

I have been with Publicis since 2015 where I handle search-based digital campaigns for a bunch of brands. It is working out great so far. I also possess some copywriting skills.

I have a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Mumbai. Since that didn’t work out great, I completed a correspondence Master’s course in English Literature from IGNOU in 2019. I made some big life decisions sometime in 2016.

I have lived in Navi Mumbai – sometimes mockingly or lovingly called a gaav (village) – since I was two. I like hoarding up on books, working on my Spotify playlist, and riding my 2014 Honda motorcycle.

This website is hosted on WordPress through GoDaddy (cPanel) and secured using the open-source ZeroSSL. If everything goes right I will make it pay for itself by 2029. Till then, I am depending on my slightly creative work. (While you’re at it, here’s my CV.)

You can contact me here. TN.