Professional Update: I Joined Western Union

Western Union

On 17 May I joined Western Union as an editor. Here I focus on polishing customer experience (CX) content so as to improve readability and eventually reduce customer care reports. It’s been overwhelming, what with the WFH mandate, but I am still having a blast.

This means that next time you remit funds to another country and use WU, give me a good old hat tip.

My decision to move from Performics India – where I spent nearly six years – was difficult to make but change feels good. I quit the agency hopefully leaving a tiny mark. But I also have to hand it out to Publicis for the Pub Fit health initiative that really got me going and made me take control of my health. Since February, I have lost about six kilograms and become more active. I haven’t visited my doctor since November. It’s a big deal for me.

Now at Western Union, my writing and editing skills are under constant test. There is a lot to unlearn and learn, especially with the user experience (UX) aspect, which is slightly new to me. The technical aspect of the content also requires some training, which is why I have been inactive here.

More on my LinkedIn profile.

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