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  • List: Dumb Things People Do in a Movie Theatre

    List: Dumb Things People Do in a Movie Theatre

    A list of things that dumb people do at the movie theatre. All of these are true.

  • When I Run My Own Cinema Theatre…

    When I Run My Own Cinema Theatre…

    …I will officiate the following rules and restrictions. Patrons will be required to follow this cinema theatre etiquette charter and will be automatically agreeing to them as part of the ticket purchase. Network jammers will be installed with a power radius of 300 meters to prevent mobile communication of any form inside and around the […]

  • Rethinking Movie Disclaimers

    I was watching V A Shrikumar Menon’s Malayalam-language thriller Odiyan (2018) last day and I couldn’t help but think about the disclaimers that flashed on the screen. While I have noticed the disclaimer “Violence against women is punishable under law” in plenty of other recent films, it is only now that I thought about it in […]

  • Why I Am Always Late to the Movies These Days?

    A brief analysis of the two primary reasons as to why I am late to the movies these days.

  • At The Movies With My Future Son

    The year is 2025. My wife has ditched me and instead gone to a girls-only party. A fanatic movie enthusiast that I am, I took my ten-year old son to the movies. Since 2015, I have never heard an offensive/objectionable word in a film, nor have I witnessed any glorification of bloodshed (a feature I instead witness […]

  • PR Maverick Of Cinepolis Saves The Day

    How CInepolis, a theatre chain in Viviana Mall, Thane handled its patrons when a wrong movie was played before them.

  • The Moral Folks create a National An(a)them(a)

    Here I try to answer if it is necessary to stand up to attention during our National Anthem. Looks like it is in your own intellectual freedom to do it. You may or you may not; no one is going to punish you. There is no law that say so.