New Robbers In Town

It was few months ago that I learned about this establishment.

I am that guy, who while waiting for a bus or a train, takes a gander at all those flyers stuck carelessly on the walls, posts and where-not promising 10K to 40K for data entry jobs which you can also manage from home; I know all about that phony program which indirectly the latest Salman Khan starrer is based upon. There will at least once come a time in the life of a Mumbaikar where he comes across this program where you are a “professional.” Your job is to recommend 3 people into the program and after they pay a small amount (usually 50 INR, a trademark I’m told) they become “professionals,” too. Then they will tell 3 of their friends about it and so on…. At the end of the month, all these fools (who are told about a high paying job waiting somewhere in southern Mumbai for them) gather and cheer about how some guy (suited up in shimmering low-fis) recommended scores of people under him and how he is the head of an enviable hierarchy now. Perfect example of a sham.

But this program is very conspicuous and anyone who has passed SSC can calculate the wrongness involved. But, it will really take more than a newbie graduate to realize that he got robbed by this establishment I have talked about below.

This establishment I really want to talk about is “a youth-centered organization which specializes in harnessing the power of youth and carving them professionally so that they face the world with more confidence and courage.” Let us call it EFEK (pronounced ay-feyk).

Many of my classmates and colleagues are already paying a toll in their academics by joining EFEK and investing more time into the activities that go with it. Even I was pretty interested when one of my classmates shouted “experience,” after the initial sessions with EFEK. I was jubilant to join. And this was few months ago.

Last day I understood how EFEK was hiring in Navi Mumbai. I sharpened my claws at will and gird my loins for a group discussion I was summoned for, after I registered for the recruitment program. The GD went well. The topic was boring and the rules were kinda senseless. Situational case study followed and we were all asked to transform into a living machine. Eh?

But at the end, they asked me for 70 INR as a registration fee. A registration fee for what? I thought they were recruiting. And I have to pay them so that they recruit me? Sounds and looks like I was a fool. I should’ve just analysed the name of the organization as it all sums up: EFEK > ay-feyk > a fake?

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