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What’s The Fuss About SIES Graduate School of Technology?

This morning I received a message on a WhatsApp group chat. It was a screenshot of the front page of April 19, 2014 issue of the Mid-Day newspaper. It read Navi Mumbai college fines students Rs 5,000 for using cell phones!” By the time I bought the newspaper to read the whole story, the particular message had probably been forwarded more than a thousand times. Along with a smiley. By the students who are currently studying in the same college.

Later in the evening, another message popped up, which was a link to the Indian Consumer Complaints Forum. The complaint is about the arrogant attitude of the staff and draconian rules that govern the system inside the college. It can be read here! And do not forget to read the comments.

So, I, as myself a student of SIES GST, Nerul grew curious as to what is all the fuss about that everybody seems to be talking these past 24 hours. Actually, there is no fuss at all. But I will break down this story into small parts so that you can at least deduce some meaning out of this brouhaha. You should note that the SIES complex in Nerul harbours many organizations of which the Graduate School of Technology aka GST is the Engineering section.

Story 1:
Some over-smart kid, who has got to definitely be from the final year (graduation in 3 months) and has got some connections with the newspaper and so, spilled the beans about his/her own college focusing on one single attribute: the hefty fine levied by the authorities for mobile phone usage! This can be taken back to January 2014 when the third year students of all branches went for an Industrial Visit to Bangalore. This topic had cropped up when a theatre group called “Yours Truly”set out on a questioning spree to enact their spontaneously impromptu repertoires. So much that even a tiny tiff occurred between the Students’ Council representatives and haughty renegades where the former fought for the college and latter against. So the correspondent guy/gal in the question could be from this group. Phew!

Story 2:
The above complaint, on the other hand, was registered in the ICC forum sometime in October 2013. The rule came out in early 2013. Hundreds of students, including me were furious at first. With the rule actually taken seriously, many kids even got the opportunity to reduce their wallet’s weight. Further, the rule grew into us and mobile phone was looked at as a taboo and whenever a smartphone came into sight, the 4 digits 5-0-0-0 appeared everywhere in the air in bold typeface. Some influential students bothered to complain to the higher authorities but in vain. Now the campus had partially become mobile-phone free but it did more damage than what would have had the phones been not banned. Now here, the comments of this particular complaint comes into picture.

The user has complained about a lot of things, which somehow are related to this rule if we connect the dots.

  • He/She talks about partiality. Please tell me one organization, not necessarily an educational, where partiality (or nepotism) or discrimination doesn’t occur? Yes, tell me? No. So this point is invalid. If you are in the negative side of this partiality, you probably are the guy who comes up with “Teacher ka Pet” category in the farewell awards. For cryin’ out loud, stop!
  • Ragging by the principal. Now come on! A principal has got to be strict but that doesn’t mean you can misuse your vocabulary prowess and tag it ragging. Now can you? This accusation is ludicrous.
  • Faculty. I personally know the Electronics & Telecommunication staff and there’s nothing to complain about. And so much animosity? It is purely unnecessary. Low grades may have something to do with how you behave in the class, but as far as EXTC branch is concerned, all accusations are frail. I can’t comment about other branches’, though. You may want to read my articles on similar topics to get a brief idea: Article 1, Article 2, Article 3, Article 4, Article 5, Article 6, Article 7, Article 8.
  • Donations. Let us not talk about it as we all know what’s what when it comes to management quota seats.
  • Placements. The college has a wonderful TPO, on whom the actual burden of calling companies for placement falls. I personally don’t know why SIES doesn’t have good companies at its doorstep, but again, should the principal bear the brunt?
  • Attendance. Is 75% attendance asking for more? Think about it! Unless you are a football-pampering, skirt-chasing, careless nomad who’s come into Engineering by mistake.
  • Humiliation to parents. It is the worst-case scenario wherein the student is so mischievous & notorious, the faculty has to take a look at the gene line-up. A bad remark or two of their pupil is no humiliation. Go play Counter Strike & get knifed by that cheat flashbang-fragger: that is humiliation.
  • Lab equipments. I agree. Some of them are outdated and faulty, but when the curriculum is outdated, what more do you expect? I have successfully completed almost all the practicals in my sophomore and third year. And tell me, do you really pay attention in those 2-hour practical sessions? They say the syllabi still teaches us about CRT TV and not LCD/LED/Plasma TV. You nimrod, when you don’t know the basic operation, why do you want to focus on the displays, which is secondary?
  • Assignments & examinations. True. But give me an example of one institute which doesn’t burden its students? You, my friend, are watching too many Hollywood college/teen movies.
  • Grades & Certifications. Let us not talk about it, either.

So, there’s that. The exaggeration quotient of both the complain & the Mid-Day article is astronomical. First, media is not a a plaything where you can fret over small issues. Second, none of the points listed in the complain have credibility enough for an action to be written.

Now, there are some grave stories that have originated from hearsay about the college which aren’t quite believable. Maybe they are true, maybe not. But, I personally know that if a parent of a student comes over to the management of the college to get respite from the fine, it will be allowed. Maybe a warning or two & then the mobile phone is returned. Should we punish if he repeats the mistake?

So, that is what really occurred. But there is a conspiracy theory about all this fuss. That the whole charade is a subterfuge by the college authorities to up the reputation. Parents do want their kids to go to a regulated, restraint-oriented college and what is more disciplined than the one which fines for using silly items like mobile phones. The story gets interesting when you learn that there apparently is a statute passed by the country’s Education authority that mobile phones are, in fact, banned in educational institutions and its premises. Looks like only SIES GST follows it. But, then again, it is a mere canard.

And mind you, if someone comes to me and asks for a good Engineering college for their ward, I wouldn’t think twice before recommending SIES GST. Period.

New Robbers In Town

It was few months ago that I learned about this establishment.

I am that guy, who while waiting for a bus or a train, takes a gander at all those flyers stuck carelessly on the walls, posts and where-not promising 10K to 40K for data entry jobs which you can also manage from home; I know all about that phony program which indirectly the latest Salman Khan starrer is based upon. There will at least once come a time in the life of a Mumbaikar where he comes across this program where you are a “professional.” Your job is to recommend 3 people into the program and after they pay a small amount (usually 50 INR, a trademark I’m told) they become “professionals,” too. Then they will tell 3 of their friends about it and so on…. At the end of the month, all these fools (who are told about a high paying job waiting somewhere in southern Mumbai for them) gather and cheer about how some guy (suited up in shimmering low-fis) recommended scores of people under him and how he is the head of an enviable hierarchy now. Perfect example of a sham.

But this program is very conspicuous and anyone who has passed SSC can calculate the wrongness involved. But, it will really take more than a newbie graduate to realize that he got robbed by this establishment I have talked about below.

This establishment I really want to talk about is “a youth-centered organization which specializes in harnessing the power of youth and carving them professionally so that they face the world with more confidence and courage.” Let us call it EFEK (pronounced ay-feyk).

Many of my classmates and colleagues are already paying a toll in their academics by joining EFEK and investing more time into the activities that go with it. Even I was pretty interested when one of my classmates shouted “experience,” after the initial sessions with EFEK. I was jubilant to join. And this was few months ago.

Last day I understood how EFEK was hiring in Navi Mumbai. I sharpened my claws at will and gird my loins for a group discussion I was summoned for, after I registered for the recruitment program. The GD went well. The topic was boring and the rules were kinda senseless. Situational case study followed and we were all asked to transform into a living machine. Eh?

But at the end, they asked me for 70 INR as a registration fee. A registration fee for what? I thought they were recruiting. And I have to pay them so that they recruit me? Sounds and looks like I was a fool. I should’ve just analysed the name of the organization as it all sums up: EFEK > ay-feyk > a fake?

Theft System, Part 1 – The Lady Who Killed The College

The asphalt on the road grinned at me joyfully as it rained. I got inside a standing area to prevent the stack of writing pages I was holding in a polythene packet from getting wet. I was dumb. Next moment, I was angry.

The pages in the stack were single-side ruled. I wanted double-side ruled and after admitting my mistake, I asked the guy at the counter of the shop in front of the standing area to replace it. He refused and it became the moment I was talking about in the starting paragraph. Both types were worth 35 rupees and contained 50 pages each. This was approximately my third purchase.

The guy at the counter was physically and mentally impaired and I always showered kindness to him and was assigned the job by the college administrators. But it had nothing to do with the replacement. The seal was still gluey sealed and I had all the right to get it replaced. After few more persuasive requests, he finally complied with his own state of mind and stark refused to comply with my state of mind. I was flabbergasted. He told me to talk to the principal about the then-petty-now-big issue. After realizing the principal’s absence, I hurried back to the store to find the guy blabbering to someone through a desk phone. He handed the receiver to me and at the end of the following conversation, she was accused by me to have murdered the college where she presumably worked as a senior clerk.

Murderer: (in inaudible voice) Hello!
Witness: (loudly) Hello!
Murderer: (in slightly audible voice) Sunil!
Witness: Hello! Yeah tell me!
Murderer: What is the problem? (in a voice opposite to what she started with)
Witness: The guy over here won’t repl…
Murderer: That guy? Who is that guy? Show some respect to…
Witness: Oh, not that guy, Suni… Mr. Su… Reverend Mr. Sunil just won’t replace the sheets I bought from him today at around… one-thirty.
Murderer: Why do you want it replaced?
(The story was told to her & Sunil was that guy… oh sorry… reverend shopkeeper’s name)
Murderer: What kind of shit is this?
Witness: (somewhat flummoxed by the inept use of words) Huh? I just want it replaced and I think he has what I need.
Murderer: Look, keep what you have and you may use it later in your engineering life and for what you need, you can pay 35 rupees more & buy another stack.
Witness: What? That just won’t do, ma’am! I won’t need these single-side ruled pages in engineering.
Murderer: Don’t teach me about engineering, okay! Just don’t trouble him… you know he’s a handicapped person…
Witness: I know that, ma’am and I always show him respect (I glared at him), but this is just a slight request I am making.
Murderer: No… (the voice attenuated again)
I handed the receiver back and Reverend Mr. Sunil blabbered something in his own language which Google later failed to translate.

After placing back the receiver, he finally deviated from his erratic state of mind and uttered few magical words which I interpreted to be “You won’t get any replacement, you bastard!” But let me make it clear, his words came out so softly that you’d be forced to give respect.
I presumed the lady on the phone to be that fat, fair complexioned imbecile I once had an altercation with in the office. Her face reminds me of the villainous nurse in One Flew Over Cuckoo’s Nest. ’nuff said. And the meaning of this piece is to show how colleges can go the distance in oozing money outta poor students’ hands. This is the most fascinating example to show how colleges run & turn out to hold such affluent administrators & owners.

And about the murder, I no longer am in terms with the rules & regulation of the college, which unfortunately I study in. Although I have to follow them sometimes, the small amount of respect I had for my college has been erased by the lady and not to say, has been undoed & moved to the guy… err. Reverend Mr. Sunil.

To cut this originally long story short, I had to hobnob with some administrators later to finally achieve my right to replacement  and got what I needed. This is in no way, a derogatory post for the psychically or mentally impaired persons, but just a reminder that how the cruel world can harness them for some benefits. I will never forget the words of one of the administrators who was kind & strict at the same time: “Profit is not the motto,” he replied when I threw a taunt at him about the in-shop.

The Way They Stare

The following sub-post is from the perspective of a NMMT (Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport) bus driver.

Bus route no. 20 is one of the most crowded buses on weekday mornings that runs from Ghansoli to Nerul. Students of D Y Patil Group of Institutions & SIES‘s establishments sum up to around 60% of this crowd. Half of this 60% are women.

I drive quite recklessly and the roads during monsoon talk to me pretty much in the same language. Well, that’s what NMMT is famous for. But, so sad, KDMT outranks us. Damn! So, when I stop at some of the bus stops that I think should collect some passengers, people barge in. ‘Ladies first‘ isn’t followed anymore. And I usually don’t stop in the middle of a road, let alone an oldie gesture. I even, sometimes, try to run them over. But if a lady gestures, I might rethink with respect to their bust sizes which further depends on how many men are ogling at her at the moment.

The gentleman is dead. No one cares to give someone else their seat. Now there is a hidden factor that drives this ignorance. A friend of mine, who is a usual traveller and boards from Ghansoli, told me the other day that the prime reason he occupies the seat just behind the ones reserved for women is because he can ogle at women (mostly teens) who come and stand near by. I don’t need to mention what he so salaciously stares at because that is why I bought a pair of branded push-up bras for my wife-to-be. She’s a sweetheart. But, to be frank, that is not the best position for a leerer to be. That friend of mine is married, with two daughters.

In my 7 years of life as a driver, I learned how and in what ways men can quench their never-ending visual, sexual thirst. The best stops are LP (London Pilsner) and Vashi Bus Depot. To alight without much hassle, women usually get up from their seats and stand in queue at the exit, one or two stops before theirs. Men try hard to stand behind them. Two reasons I am not interested in that style – one, the view is anti and two, the aforementioned stops require extreme finesse and I am a reputed employee of my regime. I jump on the brake pedal and then look at what pleases me. And I don’t ogle at teens. I love my fiance & hope to stop this ugly sexual escapade of mine, which of course is & I quote myself “NEVER-ENDING.”

The following sub-post is from the perspective of a nineteen year-old miss studying somewhere in Nerul and she gets down at LP.

It is ridiculous how some boys think that the way women carry themselves inside clothes has something to do with all these attacks against women. And it is even more ridiculous that this “some boys” actually amounts to all of them. Not that I am suggesting that I have dated all of them, but you know what I mean, right? Whatever happened to that Delhi Besharmi Morcha à la Toronto SlutWalk?

I have a NMMT bus pass, but I usually travel in BEST (which charges astronomical, by the way) because of the poor frequency of the former. I really have no idea how it feels to spot a vacant seat during that time of the day. In an attempt to reach college before 9, I don’t care if I get one. So, the bus, whichever it be, is ever-crowded. After I push & pull my way to the safe zone, among other women, I heave a sigh of relief. I abhor those men who occupy the seats just behind the ones reserved for us, women. The way they stare is daunting. Without showing any guilt or remorse, they continue to stare breaking my dirty looks into tiny pieces. It doesn’t matter though because my travel period is short & moreover, I am used to it. And if I was to write a book on where & what they stare, I might, in point of fact need to learn from these shameless men about something called boldness.

Too sad, I cannot do anything other than trying to limit my fashion adventures and to console my inconsolable penfriend who got ironically, verbally insulted last month. By the way, my boyfriend gifted me a fishnet-skimmed red and black top for my birthday & I have plans to wear it tomorrow to college. It’ll be fun!

The following sub-post is from the perspective of the person who masqueraded as the bus driver & the innocent girl in the above sub-posts.

My memory reminds me I have seen that driver before, smirking at me showing his yellowish teeth with dark gums, once when I tried to enter through the front door of his bus. Although, that smirk was meant for a hot lady behind me. It was route no. 20 and I occupied one of the seats to the right by the entry door. I have numerous bus-buddies who prefer sitting or standing anywhere in this area because that is from where they can have a nice, long look at the people entering. I turned right that day, because there was no space on the left (trust me!). And by people, you know what I mean. Especially the two-seater just beside the ingress, because one can gawk at two places at the same time. If there is nothing interesting about the people entering, then he can turn his head and have a broader approach on women who are waiting at the bus stops.

I once had a chance to sit on that seat and I was terrified by the way they stare. Their eyes roll so rapidly around to inspect each and every women out there, that it could be considered a routine exercise. Detecting such men is easy: they have loud, currently-trending music playing on their Chinese phones, their shirts cover their knees, their bag has something like FOSTRACK, POMA, PETROL, etc. or they just have this tag saying “I have satyriasis!” Or he could be one of those 40-something men wearing on off-white shirt not tucked inside his pants, carrying a large shoulder-bag. Now, these hints are for men, if at all they are concerned. For women… they can detect it in a fraction of second by a few-second glance at the man in question. It would be dishonest of me to not say that I give some girls the glad eye. But, I am sure these looks aren’t as lecherous as my partner’s. I have an imaginary girlfriend and I am happy with her, for the time being. It is natural for men to have a look at a lady when she passes by. That is the first category of men. And then we have cannibals, the second category.

It’s very hard for me to comment on this sensitive topic, but as far as I am concerned, not all men are cannibals, yet they have the tendency, I assure.

Dance Of The Meteorological Department

It is rather dishearteningly funny how the most sought-after department operates during monsoon. The Indian Meteorological Department and its near useless weather alerts have been ruining my commute plans since I began commuting here in Mumbai. It is assumed that people who work there know what they are doing . You might not have noticed it, but yes they are clever enough to do what they best do: dance!

English: Rain in navi mumbai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Few years back before The Times of Navi Mumbai newspaper started pulling IMD’s leg, it was customary to include ‘the weather conditions will be normal in the next twenty-four hours’ in each of their news articles. Circa 1998, nobody cared about the service because the weather was kinder to us and we knew it (well, as we sow, so shall we reap). Enter 21st century and they start publicizing their reports, which unfortunately would be false. They would predict normality & the streets of Mumbai would inundate, they would report heavy rainfalls & intense photosynthesis would take place. Such was the practice, that people started slamming the department. I never actually paid heed (but I read them) to those reports because my school stood just around the corner. Damn!

I loved reading the daily comic strips in newspapers about how the Indian Meteorological Department fell prey to sarcasm. Those were the days in 2005 & later of constant & similar articles in the second or third pages of the same disastrously biased newspapers which ran the comic strips, continuously stating the opposite of reality. But then, 2013 occurred and a new dance step came into existence.

‘Although the local Met office has not predicted heavy rainfalls for the city in the next two days, officials cautioned that climatic conditions are prone to sudden change (sic),’ was what the Times of India had to say on Tuesday, July 23 2013. Now, this dance step is diplomatic as it is vague. First, they have not predicted what’s what & second, they blame it on the weather what come may. The ingenious Windows 8 weather app on my notebook is better than this sham. And to talk about reality, it is still raining cats & dogs, paralyzing public transit system and giving people a credible alibi to skip work as of Wednesday afternoon. As a matter of fact, if I hadn’t skipped college, this dance show analysis would’ve not come to our attention.

At least the Met office dances way better than some of our Bollywood newcomers & FYI, I saw Ramaiya Vastavaiya last week & it had a newcomer….

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