The Dream

The girl was the first to jump. We don’t have all night, Rajeev! Come on now, jump! He was not afraid of jumping, but of what he was about to do. This way!

She was the head of Students’ Council and knew the campus inside out. He followed her to the third floor. It’s got to be inside that room; stay here and guard! I’ll be back before you blink. She had replicated the key to the room having procured it from her department head. Click! She entered and walked to the glass-top table, before toggling a switch on the wall and two on a machine. God, help me! It should be in here! She had seen the professor stacking it in nine hours agoHer left hand yanked open the drawer. Rajeev stared at her silhouette through the glass door against the flashlight she was using.

No one would have come their way and if someone did, he was prepared to run. Unaware of the lies he had told before they made out that evening for the first time, she eased the paper out of the lot. She photocopied and carefully slipped the paper back in. He smirked as she flapped the question paper of the preliminary exam he had the next day at ten o’clock. She was his senior.

He kissed her on the mouth after he grabbed the Math question paper. They ran back the way they came in, leaving behind the locked door.

He woke up from his dreamy sleep with a cluster headache. It was about the girl whose pants he wanted so badly to get in. The question paper lay on the table below a tie pin which read ‘Rajeev Nair, President – Students’ Council‘. He simpered at the table for few seconds, staring at the black outline traces on the paper due to photocopying. It took only a second for the smile to turn into a deep scowl.

The real head of Students’ Council had forgot to reset the photocopier. It was half past seven.

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