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When You Accidentally Offend Someone

What to do when you accidentally offend someone?

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The Surrogate Story, Part 2 Of 2: A Woman Dies

The Surrogate Story is a short fiction consisting of two parts. The first part can be found here! You won’t understand a thing if you read this second part first. So, I insist you click that link above or leave this narrative altogether. She was dreaming of a candle light dinner, followed by a magical […]

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The Surrogate Story, Part 1 Of 2: Man Walks Into His Own Lecture

He was alone when he entered the drawing room. Then he left his apartment and was no longer lone. At least that’s what he thought that day when he had just experienced the luxury of not hearing his wife’s otherwise daily earbash. She was asleep in the bedroom dreaming of something with an eventual horrid […]

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The Dream

The girl was the first to jump. We don’t have all night, Rajeev! Come on now, jump! He was not afraid of jumping, but of what he was about to do. This way! She was the head of Students’ Council and knew the campus inside out. He followed her to the third floor. It’s got to be inside […]

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Story Of The Life They Call Balanced!

She’s wearing tight pink trousers which made her look slender. The black tank top over a translucent camisole was part of the best decision she made that day. Standing in a queue at the heavily crowded D-mart hypermarket, she had both her eyes strain on the display of the smartphone held on her hands. About […]

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It was 5 in the evening and the elevator was parked at the second floor. I made it a habit to take the stairs to my apartment in third floor than use the lift. Not that I am obese or something, but I have not always been of a conforming type. The first floor of […]

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