Singappooram, a Malayalam Comedy Web Series That is Worth a Shot

Comedy is one of my favorite genres and that is why the 1987 hit Malayalam comedy film Nadodikattu is one of my favorite films ever. So when I watched a couple videos that poke fun at typical events in the lives of Malayali expatriates in a foreign country, no wonder I cracked up. The videos talk about both the monotony and speciality of life, with added flavor of comedy and slapstick.

Created by We Are A Sambavam, a small Singapore-based group of self-learned Malayalis with a passion for the cinematic arts and everything photographic, Singappooram is (as of now) a four-part partially related Malayalam web-series comically narrating the events taking place in the lives of a married couple and travelling Malayali families. SJ is a man who likes to enjoy his life by entertaining himself watching funny Malayalam classic films or by refusing to eat that tomato rice prepared for the millionth time by his wife. The four episodes essentially chronicle the events happening in their extended matrimonial life – from the wife’s TV show addiction to the husband’s ex-girlfriend, Mary, turning up in Singapore.

Poster of Malayalam Web-Series Singappooram
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The humor is excellent, especially in episodes 3 and 4, aptly titled Theppu Petti and Thallu Jeevitham respectively, where the couple evince the stereotypical attitude of being a Malayali couple in a foreign country. They boast about the way they lead their luxurious life; while on the contrary, things are not as hunky-dory as they seem. Then there is Ikru Mon, the wife’s distance cousin, who helps SJ show off in front of Mary in return for a plate of Biriyani. The dialogues delivered by these characters during these scenes are terrific, and if you are a person well-versed with Malayalam slangs and Malayalam cinema, then Singappooram is going to be a treat. Of course, you may lapse into depression later because it gets over too soon. Overall, it is a well-acted, well-edited, and massively entertaining short series, which is arguably the first Malayalam comedy web series to adorn YouTube.

With an amazing soundtrack that samples popular and funny songs like ‘Oothappam Veno Penne Bonda Veno,’ the sequences are hilarious and totally relatable. However, it does go over the top in few instances which might turn you off if you are in a bad mood. But still, sticking to watching and completing the series (which will take hardly half an hour) may be a worthy experience because it is both funny and creative at the same time, giving us a taste of good old Malayalam comedy that today’s films fail to provide.

Experiencing the humor created by these artists is definitely better than watching Deepthi IPS dilly dally around with her stupid co-actors in the ridiculously overblown and enormously idiotic Television serial, Parasparam, or watching actor Mukesh laugh to Ramesh Pisharadi’s half-assed jokes in the reality show, Badai Bungalow.

Conceived by Sooraj and his lovely team of We Are A Sambavam, you can watch the online series on YouTube here (do select the episodes in their right order):


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  1. That was a fabulous and unbiased review 🙂 We feel really accomplished. Your review says how much you have enjoyed watching our videos. Also hats off to your writing skills :), beautiful language. Will come back with even better episodes 🙂 God bless!!

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