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On Acquiring “”

It was a wait of over five years. Before I registered in 2017, the plan was to set up my website on It was my first and only choice – the classic ‘first name, last name’ domain name with the Internet’s most popular TLD suffix. Unfortunately, some guy in Singapore had registered under his name. Not sure when exactly he bought it but WHOIS data showed me that he had been renewing it every two years. And the only reason for doing something like that is domain flipping. I never contacted him because I wanted to keep my expenses to the minimum. (Here’s my Support page if you are feeling generous today.) Spending a huge amount on the domain was never part of the plan.

Yet, last day, after the long wait, I managed to purchase the domain which would hopefully continue to be the address of my personal website till the end. Do note that it currently only redirects to as I will need some time before I can fully migrate.

It’s a good feeling, especially because it was a chance acquisition. I was renewing my primary domain on 25 March on GoDaddy when the registrar, for the only helpful thing it has done since I hired it in 2017, suggested as an option. I quickly checked its availability, and there it was, available for about 600 rupees. My immediate reaction was to buy it from GoDaddy but then I decided to purchase it from Namecheap, which has better customer support. After my recent attempts to use CynderHost – which gifted me a lifetime hosting plan after I won a blogging competition organized by r/blogging – I had decided to completely move to a reliable provider. I chose Namecheap because I have experience working with it. I have registered, my pet project at Performics India, with it. It not only cost me less (than what GoDaddy had listed it in) but also quickly allowed me to redirect it to this website. Within 10 minutes, I had acquired And I had a better day that day than I had planned it to be.

A few things will change on this website now but I will keep you posted. TN.

Updating my Support Page

A fresh support button is now available on my website. It is powered by Razorpay and I am sure this will work better than the previous attempts.

I have used PayPal Me, Google Play, Buy Me a Coffee, and Amazon wishlist links to create this in the past. None were successful. But this one here is far less buggy. More than anything, it works. Try it below.

I have also removed all other links and solicitations from other pages and posts. Thank you for passing by. TN.

Zapping Google Analytics User Tracking From My Website

As of 22 June 2020, I have disconnected the Google Analytics property attached to my website, This means that starting today, your presence on this site will not be tracked. I am currently trying to disconnect Jetpack/WordPress tracking too which I don’t know if is entirely possible.

This move was taken as part of my larger vision to keep away from adopting the user-hostile nature of the majority of the sites on the web. I don’t want to know what device you are browsing my website from, how much time you are spending reading my content, or which city you are located in. None of these ‘metrics’ matter to me. Which is what I also told, in another fashion, to my company before I moved to my current role focusing on content.

I haven’t published much in the last few weeks since the start of the pandemic but I hope to get back on my feet soon. I plan to spend the next few weeks doing some hygiene check of this website and then proceed to publishing.

As always, thanks for stopping by. TN.