A list of my projects on the internet:

  • Title Drop in Books – A list of title drops (i.e. book titles appearing inside books). It amuses me to find that authors sometime choose to add the title of their books in the narrative (either spoken by a character or the narrator).
  • Movie Reviews on IMDb – An attempt to review every single film/show that I watch and love. Reviews are typically around 100 words. I am also on Letterboxd.
  • IMDb India Contributor – I was one of IMDb India’s official top contributors in 2019, and continue to contribute data to this day. (Get in touch if you want any assistance on IMDb.)
  • r/MalayalamMovies – I moderate a small community of Malayalam cinema lovers on Reddit.
  • r/IndiaTalksSex – Another small, growing community to spread information about healthy and safe sex in the Indian context. I co-moderate it.
  • MukeshBot – A work-in-progress Reddit bot that triggers and comments on posts and other comments that have the words ‘but why?’. Inspired by the monologue delivered by actor Mukesh in the 1991 Malayalam movie, Nattu Vishesham.

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