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  • Ban On PK Will Be Murder Of Creativity

    The ban sought on Aamir Khan-starrer film PK is not only unjustified but also a murder of creativity.

  • PR Maverick Of Cinepolis Saves The Day

    How CInepolis, a theatre chain in Viviana Mall, Thane handled its patrons when a wrong movie was played before them.

  • The Moral Folks create a National An(a)them(a)

    Here I try to answer if it is necessary to stand up to attention during our National Anthem. Looks like it is in your own intellectual freedom to do it. You may or you may not; no one is going to punish you. There is no law that say so.

  • What If Men Could Menstruate?

    Have you ever wondered why sanitary (maxi) pad ads or even diaper ads use blue coloured solution and not any other colour? Why not red or yellow for realism? Well, it might be strange (or gross) to think of it, but not if you are into advertising. I now seriously thank the pioneers who thought…

  • Flyers In My Soup

    Jug Suraiya once wrote a column in TOI about the proportion of news and advertisements in newspapers nowadays. The front 2-3 pages have gigantic snippets of an automobile or a wrist watch brand or worse some construction developer singing its own wild praises. Then there are dedicated classified pages on weekends. Not to forget how…

  • Why I Want To Be An External Viva Examiner Once In My Life!

    I get jittery when people say “oral exams” or “vivas” as it is generally referred to in Engineering. I don’t specifically hate these words but I am mad at what they mean. The idea was purportedly conceived by some enemies of humanity, I bet. Every time I enter a laboratory for that inevitable viva, I experience butterflies…

  • Your Local Raddiwala Is Fooling You!

    Read on to find if and how you can earn more from your old newspapers.