Independence Day Is A Day Off!

Today I bid goodbye to my friends and joked about how I was gonna change my Facebook profile picture on account of India’s 66th Independence Day. I would Google the tricolor and upload it.

(Photo credit: Akshay Shah)

It’s a shame, and even I am totally into it, that we consider completing our pending jobs on this day or that day in January. Most people my age either don’t know or have forgotten about why we celebrate the Republic Day. Can you write 500 words about Indian Republic Day or the Indian Independence Day? The excuses are numerous and I cannot even list one because of the humiliation. Out of humiliation, I had to write this post as is what I feel.

Also, many of us might have forgotten our national anthem, had we not gone for the movies. And above that, we still complain about the versions that play before a cinema at different theaters. Shame! I am not complaining because I was one of them. My alma mater’s MD always used to force us to go watch a flag hoisting, if not in college, elsewhere. I did not know or realize the patriotism related to the sight. But now all seems clear. What showed the way? Nothing in specific. I just discovered the importance of being present while our tiranga is hoisted. That feeling when that tricoloured cloth sways in the breeze is a moment to capture.

So I suggest, instead of watching Border movie on TV (mostly SAB TV or SONY MAX), shun your useless ignorance & go attend a flag hoisting session, spend few minutes with people who care. They distribute sweets at the end. Happy Independence Day!

PS: If you are a person who took offence when I dubbed our tiranga a mere cloth, then I salute you! Jai Hind!

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