Don’t You Get It? I Know Why They Don’t Want A Girl Child

The title & the period I am posting this article makes its message obvious. Last week, I was brainstorming with some colleagues about why the girl child is not allowed to be born. We hadn’t reached a conclusion as we all tch-tched for few minutes before the waiter brought our food. Well, now the reason is very clear, at least rhetorically. Without beaming the self-created irony here, I temporarily believe that it has to do with the ever-growing attacks on women. Giving birth to a girl child, with a prudent lifestyle & mindset, is like registering one more contender into a world filled with cannibals whose favorite hobby is ‘raping women’.

Now, that is a tad pessimistic approach as far as the parents are concerned. But the recent news of how  22 year-old photojournalist was gang-raped at an old, rickety workshop in the Maximum City, Mumbai puts some light into a discussion my orthodox neighbors had last day. They didn’t want a girl child to unbless their home so that the father would not have any obstructions & hence easily slide into the next level of corporate hierarchy. Well, that’s what my housemaid had managed to eavesdrop. But I find it hard to believe, against the fact that they might not want their still unborn baby girl, who would probably live to be an engineer or a doctor, become a victim of sexual predatoriness in future. No, they don’t want a boy child either, as they easily enjoy the creamier side of the cake. They fear their still unborn baby boy, who would probably live to be an engineer or a doctor, may become a sex offender in future. Or even worse, become a sexual predator & the gang leader of the incident I tried to believe during their dilemma over the need to give birth to a baby girl. You see the gravity? The grave reality we are treading to? A bit too confusing, paradoxical & complicated? Yes?

I just wanted to mirror the current plight of Mumbai. And as the Times of India says, it is still a safer place for women, than Delhi. Or as Shobhaa De says, Mumbai is corrupted in every possible way and we will have to deal with it.

PS: I wanted to say something true about the neighbors so as to induce humor, but you should understand this is a serious topic. May the victims have courage to fight for life! My prayers are with them.

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