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  • The Menace of Slow Walkers

    The train is scheduled to arrive at Currey Road station at 7.34 PM and leave for Thane a few seconds later. It’s 7.20 PM now and I have just left my office building in Lower Parel, all poised with shoelaces tied tight so that I can walk briskly and skillfully manoeuvre the potholes on the […]

  • List: Why Do People Honk

    List: Why Do People Honk

    A quick take on why I think people on the streets blow horns…

  • Mumbai’s Autorickshaws And Their Evil Quotient

    Lately I have been relating autorickshaws with my girlfriends because both have mastered various ways of rejecting when it comes to me requesting to ride in them or them riding me, respectively. It is a well-known fact that if you are to hire an autorickshaw to your workplace, you have to deal with at least […]