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  • My Experience at IMDb’s First-Ever Contributor Meet-Up

    My Experience at IMDb’s First-Ever Contributor Meet-Up

    Describing my wonderful experience at the recently wrapped-up IMDb contributors’ event in Mumbai. With Col Needham.

  • Rethinking Movie Disclaimers

    I was watching V A Shrikumar Menon’s Malayalam-language thriller Odiyan (2018) last day and I couldn’t help but think about the disclaimers that flashed on the screen. While I have noticed the disclaimer “Violence against women is punishable under law” in plenty of other recent films, it is only now that I thought about it in…

  • Effective Strategies to Watch Padmaavat Without Getting Killed

    Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s period drama Padmaavat is finally cleared by the CBFC and the Supreme Court, and is now slated to release on 25 January 2018. But, there are still some zealots out there who may prevent you from watching it. So here are a few strategies to adopt so that you can enjoy the…

  • No Indian Author in the 2016 Edition of Man Booker Prize Longlist

    After appearing in the shortlist for 4 consecutive years, there is no Indian author in the 2016 Man Booker longlist.

  • The Moral Folks create a National An(a)them(a)

    Here I try to answer if it is necessary to stand up to attention during our National Anthem. Looks like it is in your own intellectual freedom to do it. You may or you may not; no one is going to punish you. There is no law that say so.

  • A Theater Habit

    Last day I booked three tickets for the largely hyped Hollywood space drama film “Gravity” at an INOX Cinema (formerly FAME Cinemas) through an online portal. Not only was the 3D excellent, but the film also was worth the price. I rated it 10/10 here! And guess what, the 3D goggles cost me nothing. Everything…

  • Independence Day Is A Day Off!

    Today I bid goodbye to my friends and joked about how I was gonna change my Facebook profile picture on account of India’s 66th Independence Day. I would Google the tricolor and upload it. It’s a shame, and even I am totally into it, that we consider completing our pending jobs on this day or…