Top 15 Malayalam Movies of 2016



[…] full list of 15 best Malayalam films can be watched […]

Vicky says:

How about top 15 Malayalam movies of all time? I am a non-Malayali, fascinated by the fine movies of Malayalam and would like to watch the best of them.

Tejas Nair says:

Hmm, I can think of creating one, but the problem is each week we are getting new better ones and the video would become outdated within few years. See the problem? I have a list on IMDb if you are interested.

[…] excited about. Fahadh Faasil is joining hands with Pothan, the 2016 hitmaker whose aforementioned film was on the top for the whole eleven months it stayed on the charts last year. Although he made only two Malayalam films in 2016 – one hit, one flop – Faasil will be […]

I liked the way you have predicted the fate of those upcoming sure most of them are likely to ring true. Like you, I follow a major critics as well…Veeyen (he has moved to, Sify and Paresh on Rediff mostly. Great blog, by the way! 🙂

Tejas Nair says:

Didn’t know Veeyen had his own website. Gotta change my rankings list then. Sify is good, but I have no idea about Paresh or Rediff. Might check them out later. And thanks for dropping by, Shibu. Glad you like my blog. 🙂

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