List: Things Kids Do At A Birthday Party

But, that’s why they are invited for by parents who throw such parties.

  1. Collect balloons
  2. Collect balloon sticks
  3. Run around in an attempt to trip someone over
  4. Spill at least one liquid or semi-solid dish (usually curry)
  5. Burst those collected balloons
  6. Continue bursting balloons because that elder jerk has now joined them
  7. Do not care about the kid whose birthday it is
  8. Embarrass their parents for not being ideal
  9. Attempt to burst all balloons
  10. Attempt to burst all balloons and fail
  11. Attempt to burst all balloons and fail and cry
  12. Spill some cake
  13. Cry
  14. Play with the candles
  15. Forget it’s a birthday party

Enough to make an adult stay miles away from such dos.

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