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  • My MA Convocation Was a Fiasco

    My MA Convocation Was a Fiasco

    A look at how miserably I failed to collect my IGNOU MA degree certificate at its 33rd convocation ceremony.

  • Why I Want To Be An External Viva Examiner Once In My Life!

    I get jittery when people say “oral exams” or “vivas” as it is generally referred to in Engineering. I don’t specifically hate these words but I am mad at what they mean. The idea was purportedly conceived by some enemies of humanity, I bet. Every time I enter a laboratory for that inevitable viva, I experience butterflies […]

  • What’s The Fuss About SIES Graduate School of Technology?

    This morning I received a message on a WhatsApp group chat. It was a screenshot of the front page of April 19, 2014 issue of the Mid-Day newspaper. It read “Navi Mumbai college fines students Rs 5,000 for using cell phones!” By the time I bought the newspaper to read the whole story, the particular message had […]

  • The Secret Of The Ignorant Mumbai University

    There are 43 students in my third year Engineering batch who still have Applied Mathematics, Parts 3 & 4 of previous year to clear. If they don’t reattempt & pass before they enter forth & final year, they will be awarded the most undesirable thing in any student’s life: one year drop. You can put […]

  • Faculty Error

    I still remember that day. About six years ago, when my English teacher got diagnosed with the Big C. Or at least when she announced it to the principal of my school, requesting an indefinite leave. The news had “brought a blanket of gloom over us,” or at least those were the words used by […]

  • The Horror Of Errors

    “Are you that dumb to not follow what we’ve been telling since the first day of exams?” the voice sounded effeminate. I looked up to my right to see the person I had a bad memory of. Two students, sitting in front & rear seats from me, & elder to me by both physique & […]

  • How To Be A Bad Teacher?

    Now that I have your attention, let me remind & instill in your brain that there is no such thing as a bad teacher. A teacher can never be bad at his/her profession. If he/she teaches bad, he/she would be a fantastic mentor; if he/she is a poor guide, he/she would be a fantastic tutor; […]