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  • The Thing with Wristwatches

    Have you ever wondered about the strap or chain of a wristwatch and their low quality?

  • Commodity

    “Choose… and select!” he spoke like a straightforward salesman. “They are beautiful and… and so many of them,” the possible customer replied with thrilled eyes. “Yep, this is what mine is famous for, if not for the actual job,” he smirked. “What about the red one?” “Where?” “Your 3 o’clock; the one in the center……

  • Theft System, Part 1 – The Lady Who Killed The College

    The asphalt on the road grinned at me joyfully as it rained. I got inside a standing area to prevent the stack of writing pages I was holding in a polythene packet from getting wet. I was dumb. Next moment, I was angry. The pages in the stack were single-side ruled. I wanted double-side ruled…