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The Thing with Wristwatches

I know what you’re thinking: who wears a wristwatch in 2017? Well, I do, and today, I have something important to tell you. It’s about a small thing that I have observed over the history of my owning wristwatches of different types.

Have you ever noticed that the thing, other than the power system,  that mostly gets messed up is the strap or the chain of the wristwatch and not the actual clock mechanism? No matter how good quality your strap or chain is, it’s bound to start wearing off the moment you wear it. I know the practical reasons behind this deterioration in quality, but don’t you think it’s weird that you have to replace the strap or chain of your wristwatch almost every year than any other part of the watch? Some might say that it’s an entrepreneurial move by companies who manufacture these straps and chains, so that they can stay in business till the end of time. But, I personally disagree, and think that this has never been the subject of a discussion in any boardroom of any wristwatch-making company.

It’s like you are paying the price for taking the time with you wherever you go and still not making it in time.

I think wristwatch companies – those folks in Switzerland and elsewhere – should now start focusing on the strap or the chain, because everyone knows that the mechanism is going to be top-notch. They just need something more durable that does not degrade due to human sweat, and I think Tag Heuer already has Tom Brady in the team.

So, the next time you are out shopping for a wristwatch, why not put more focus on the strap or the chain than the actual wristwatch for a change? Good luck!


Choose… and select!” he spoke like a straightforward salesman.
They are beautiful and… and so many of them,” the possible customer replied with thrilled eyes.
Yep, this is what mine is famous for, if not for the actual job,” he smirked.
What about the red one?”
Your 3 o’clock; the one in the center… nice buns.
Oh, yes. Tall, well-endowed, fair. I figure Architecture.”
Boy, I don’t know about the course but God did a nice job here. What’s the name?
That’s Nilofer. Age 19.”

We just eavesdropped, through traditional non-digital technique, two boys discussing about the mass population of girls – for possible prospects – in a suburban Mumbai college. What we should draw out from this unpleasant chat is its style. Regarding a lover interest as a “commodity” is an unpleasant thing to do, but is a fad nowadays amongst teenagers.

Last day while one of my friends illustrated  his frustration of not being able to court a girl, another friend jumped forward removing his smartphone out. The better part of the next hour was used to browse the profile pictures of his WhatsApp contacts. After some negotiation and a baseless banter about how he would mythically enhance the size of the breasts of the girl he just saw only a picture of by indulging in lots of foreplay, the two blokes dispersed. I took a walk and tried to forget I was friends with them. Next day I found myself sitting with them at a cafe as they discussed few more absurd “future plans.”

A broader perspective on this topic infers to a notion amongst today’s teenagers about the opposite sex and this is not limited to the testosterone warehouses . Even girls talk and discuss about vulgar references. Even they want a well-endowed guy, if you know what I mean. The desire is justified but basing your selection on the sheer need of pleasure in bed is preposterous. The notion is the lack of decency that kicks in during love hunt. Lots of teenagers are adopting this same belief when it comes to courting. Why they consider their love interests as commodity has something to do with ON-OFF, casual relationships that boast off the “no strings attached” aspect. Lots of teenagers want to lose their virginity as soon as they enter colleges and if any of their friends lost it before they did, the craving shoots up to a level where they end up in a skid row and get off with someone they don’t know.

This leads to impure relationships in future and adversely affects marriage because when someone special enters their life, the previous “no strings attached” factors play spoilsport and they fail to manage. I have seen and talked to women who freely tag themselves as whores but I could also see the underlying hate. “I love having sex,” is all they say in defense. “She’ll love having sex with you. After all she’s a commodity,” is all her last bed partner says to his colleague.

The first step at enjoying a pleasant relationship is to avoid valuing a girl/boy as a commodity. Falling in love is natural; chasing that cute, coy lass of your class is something I would suggest and may even help you in. But, just for the heck of it… because you CAN use a relationship with no intention of bloom, even though the opposite party is desperate, is something I’d call off.

There are many such beliefs swaying around in teen circles as getting a pre-marriage sex experience will help them understand the art much better. And they know the consequences, as well. A strong relationship of considerable years that has the power to transform into life-long partnership can be a field to experiment, with precautions of course. A one-month moderately platonic fling with your neighbor’s daughter will be fun; getting laid the next day of the question pop may give you that much-awaited, fantasy orgasm, but it will definitely give youse some tags to chew on later: A CUSTOMER & HIS COMMODITY! Think about it!

Theft System, Part 1 – The Lady Who Killed The College

The asphalt on the road grinned at me joyfully as it rained. I got inside a standing area to prevent the stack of writing pages I was holding in a polythene packet from getting wet. I was dumb. Next moment, I was angry.

The pages in the stack were single-side ruled. I wanted double-side ruled and after admitting my mistake, I asked the guy at the counter of the shop in front of the standing area to replace it. He refused and it became the moment I was talking about in the starting paragraph. Both types were worth 35 rupees and contained 50 pages each. This was approximately my third purchase.

The guy at the counter was physically and mentally impaired and I always showered kindness to him and was assigned the job by the college administrators. But it had nothing to do with the replacement. The seal was still gluey sealed and I had all the right to get it replaced. After few more persuasive requests, he finally complied with his own state of mind and stark refused to comply with my state of mind. I was flabbergasted. He told me to talk to the principal about the then-petty-now-big issue. After realizing the principal’s absence, I hurried back to the store to find the guy blabbering to someone through a desk phone. He handed the receiver to me and at the end of the following conversation, she was accused by me to have murdered the college where she presumably worked as a senior clerk.

Murderer: (in inaudible voice) Hello!
Witness: (loudly) Hello!
Murderer: (in slightly audible voice) Sunil!
Witness: Hello! Yeah tell me!
Murderer: What is the problem? (in a voice opposite to what she started with)
Witness: The guy over here won’t repl…
Murderer: That guy? Who is that guy? Show some respect to…
Witness: Oh, not that guy, Suni… Mr. Su… Reverend Mr. Sunil just won’t replace the sheets I bought from him today at around… one-thirty.
Murderer: Why do you want it replaced?
(The story was told to her & Sunil was that guy… oh sorry… reverend shopkeeper’s name)
Murderer: What kind of shit is this?
Witness: (somewhat flummoxed by the inept use of words) Huh? I just want it replaced and I think he has what I need.
Murderer: Look, keep what you have and you may use it later in your engineering life and for what you need, you can pay 35 rupees more & buy another stack.
Witness: What? That just won’t do, ma’am! I won’t need these single-side ruled pages in engineering.
Murderer: Don’t teach me about engineering, okay! Just don’t trouble him… you know he’s a handicapped person…
Witness: I know that, ma’am and I always show him respect (I glared at him), but this is just a slight request I am making.
Murderer: No… (the voice attenuated again)
I handed the receiver back and Reverend Mr. Sunil blabbered something in his own language which Google later failed to translate.

After placing back the receiver, he finally deviated from his erratic state of mind and uttered few magical words which I interpreted to be “You won’t get any replacement, you bastard!” But let me make it clear, his words came out so softly that you’d be forced to give respect.
I presumed the lady on the phone to be that fat, fair complexioned imbecile I once had an altercation with in the office. Her face reminds me of the villainous nurse in One Flew Over Cuckoo’s Nest. ’nuff said. And the meaning of this piece is to show how colleges can go the distance in oozing money outta poor students’ hands. This is the most fascinating example to show how colleges run & turn out to hold such affluent administrators & owners.

And about the murder, I no longer am in terms with the rules & regulation of the college, which unfortunately I study in. Although I have to follow them sometimes, the small amount of respect I had for my college has been erased by the lady and not to say, has been undoed & moved to the guy… err. Reverend Mr. Sunil.

To cut this originally long story short, I had to hobnob with some administrators later to finally achieve my right to replacement  and got what I needed. This is in no way, a derogatory post for the psychically or mentally impaired persons, but just a reminder that how the cruel world can harness them for some benefits. I will never forget the words of one of the administrators who was kind & strict at the same time: “Profit is not the motto,” he replied when I threw a taunt at him about the in-shop.