The Curious Case Of A Misnomer

My last post created quite a furore over the use of the “word” KT as in ATKT. It is wrong to term “KT” as a word, although in shorthand, people prefer KT, than ATKT, or failure or the full form for the matter.

So, ATKT which we all know what stands for, is a tag provided free of cost to students doing professional courses, by the University they are affiliated to, on failing to score the minimum marks (usually 40) in a subject. Further talking about the minimum score, if you have 5 subjects to clear and fail only in one with around 32 (31, in some cases) marks or more, then you are eligible for the alms (read grace marks) and you will eventually pass and can post a Facebook story on how you kissed the ATKT factory.


Apostrophe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Straining on the misnomer “KT,” first of all, and if at all you still want to use it for convenience, you gotta stop adding apostrophe to it. Like “KT’s” is such bad punctuation, it makes me believe you sucked at 4th grade English basics. “KT’s” (with an apostrophe) technically means you are tagging something which belongs to KT. And to pluralize it, you add the letter “s” without an apostrophe. This will give you  “KTs” which is grammatically & sensibly wrong. But, students & professors alike use “KTs” in their daily conversations & it has become a memory. [Please read The Oatmeal’s guide on using apostrophes! It is as funny as it can be.]

Deep down, KTs will mean “Keep Terms.” So when you say “I have 2 KTs,” you are actually making a fool of yourself, saying “I have 2 Keep Terms.” Tell me, does this make any sense? This is worse than Borat! And if you say “I have 2 KT’s,” it will mean that you are dumb as a pigeon and have not completed your sentence. The listener will unfriend you from his mind and you will never know that you are in their Restricted list on Facebook.

To make things clear, the best & right way to state your result is: “I am allowed to keep term in 2 subjects.” Or simply: “I failed in two subjects.” The coward’s way of stating is: “Don’t ask! Seems the college wants to burn a hole in my wallet.

So, to sound grammatically correct, you gotta stop using the misnomer. Surely it won’t affect you till your funeral, but if you wanna stand out, embrace this post.

PS: Failures depends on lots of factors and the college’s internal money-making strategy is a stronghold.



Ignorance & Reference Books Will Get You KTs

Before I start, I want to make one annoying thing clear that “KT” is not a noun and you cannot pluralize it as “KTs.” Doing it will make you look dim-witted and I may even restrict you from my Facebook updates. To be clear, KT as in ATKT is an acronym for Allowed To Keep Terms. I empathize for the person who first cut it short to KT. In engineering, as some of you may know, ATKT means you can proceed to next semester even if you have failed in not more than 5 subjects in that academic year. There are some terms related to it like nKT, Golden KT, etc. which are beyond the scope of this post. (And of course, the use of word “KT” in the title is to make people understand what this post is about against the fact that I know how you people must have experienced irony.)

Coming into Engineering, 50% of professors will imply, yes mark my word, imply to use Technical or Techmax Publications which contains food extremely palpable & upright. It is not their fault that they suggest reference books of some great authors so that you can understand the basic concepts. If you don’t know the concepts, you will die crushed between the imaginative metal frills of two bullet trains of different lengths and speeds, they have in Algebra problems. Yes you can study from these spoon-feeding books and score nice to impress the interviewers later in life, but when it comes to technicality, things won’t be easy. On the other hand, if you solely depend upon the reference books (say Electronic Devices & Circuits by Boylestad for instance), you will die crushed under the pile of watermelons, they also have in Algebra problems.

Ignoring the travelled path will help you fail because the syllabus has no edits since the twentieth century and the administrators believe in marks on paper. Practical sessions are the most over-rated sessions because all they do is copy & write & complete manuals using the previous batch’s materials and that CRO over there is the most mysterious object. Wanting to know how it works will help you. Going home & surfing/reading about it will carve you to be an engineer. Going to college on Sundays & operating on it will make you a credible engineer.

my technical books

my technical books (Photo credit: nickobec)

To balance, the suggestion is grab them spoon-feeding books (second-hand, of course) before they get sold out in local bookstores and hoard them. Also, try to get the reference books (through libraries, stores) and consult them while you take your mid-term & preliminaries. During the preparation leave for the finals, you can approach your hoarded books and crack the exams.

The blame for all this parade can be righteously put on Mumbai University. You have to follow the rules & Adolf Hitler’s quotes in helvetica on Facebook won’t help you either. If you keep studying from the spoon-feeding books, which have numerous masked errors, then I’m afraid to tell you, your job experience will suck. Because, in industries, concepts matter and you people know that.

Moreover, talking about the spoon-feeding ones, I have observed a single author writes as many as twelve books on different topics. Now, you can only imagine the credibility. But, since questions come from these books, you ought to read it. Even a stupid can read these books and score nice. I am not deriding anyone, although I hate the practice. Been using reference books since my Diploma times and I have had my share of failures. And this time, I am gonna eat without strain. Can I have a golden spoon, please?