hype list

This is a running list of my professional achievements.

Feb 2023

Applied for a lateral move within Western Union, cracked it, and got promoted with a pay hike.

Jun 2022

Implemented changes to a proprietary CMS to improve search engine optimization capability of published FAQs at Western Union.

May 2021

Got hired at Western Union as a Product Copywriter. Had an equally charming job offer from YouGov India.

Sep 2020

Accepted as an editor for multi-million rupee contracts from L’Oréal India and Procter & Gamble (P&G) at Performics India.

Dec 2019

Became a founding editor of an in-house content department at Performics India that at its peak included over 40 writers.

Sep 2018

Got promoted by Performics India to lead a 4-member team to drive a reputation management mandate for Reliance Industries, which involved working with its top management.

Apr 2015

Cracked a placement drive at SIES Graduate School of Technology to become one of only 11 students to join Performics India (erstwhile SMG Convonix).