Hello! My name is Tejas Nair. This is my personal website. I write features and essays on culture. You can start reading here.

About this Website

Started on 25 March 2018, this website was built as a platform to produce and encourage long-form content.

Malayalam cinema is the core focus here because I believe that not many people are writing about the growing Indian regional film industry. As a fan and fervent follower, I aim to produce content that celebrates Malayalam feature films and the people behind them. I keep track of, watch, and review almost all Malayalam movies that are released, which I believe gives me an upper hand at writing about it.

I also publish opinions on literature, global and local current affairs, and society.

Since all content here is opinionated, there is a high chance of friction between you and me. In such a case, it is always a good idea to move on. If that somehow does not look like a considerable option, please contact me.

This website can be viewed as an extended version of my small blog. All new articles will be posted here. It can also be seen as a technical experiment where I try out digital marketing techniques before suggesting them to my clients at work. I am currently with Publicis Media full-time.

With the hope that you will love what you read on this website, here’s to a world with better writing and journalism.

If you are somehow more interested in me than my website, please go here.