A page containing select samples of my work. Listed numerically along with job description, measured impact, and a sample. Client names not pointed out for several reasons.

Piece #1

Description: Landing page copywriting for an American digital marketing agency to attract potential customers off a third-party platform. Main idea was to get the visitors (healthcare professionals with a private practice) to fill up the form.

Impact: Not measured.


Piece #2

Description: Created sprints of short social media posts for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter that were fed to an AI system to help it generate endless imitations. The proprietary tool is now being sold to businesses globally looking to automate their social media campaigns without the need for content generation. 18 sprints of 45-100 posts each were created and submitted. (Note the tags used in the content used for generalization.)

Impact: The tool is being sold at $127/month with numerous takers in the US.

Sample: Direct link

Piece #3

Description: An Israel-based branding agency ran a full-page advertorial article in an Indian magazine to attract companies wanting to do business in Tel Aviv. I copyedited the article to include references to both the nations to drive more engagement.

Impact: The company received twelve leads on their email the week after they ran the ad.

Sample: Direct link

Piece #4

Description: Weekly blog writing for a Serbian VPN company to attract users through organic Google search and social media. Secondary aim was to build authority to the main website and associated assets.

Impact: Blog reactivated with weekly articles on related topics. 8% contribution to referral website traffic and increased visibility online for VPN- and brand-related queries.

Sample: All articles at https://blog.astrill.com/ or a select article here.

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