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How To Receive A Person Distributing Flyers

Last day, after shopping at a supermarket when I walked out of the exit, a petite girl, possibly delving in her late teens, handed me a cyan-tinted flyer. Not because the single 4-rupee bag carrying munchies was heavy, I flashed her my left palm suggesting a “NO.” She frowned. It is with her gloomy face […]

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The Horror Of Errors

“Are you that dumb to not follow what we’ve been telling since the first day of exams?” the voice sounded effeminate. I looked up to my right to see the person I had a bad memory of. Two students, sitting in front & rear seats from me, & elder to me by both physique & […]

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A Theater Habit

Last day I booked three tickets for the largely hyped Hollywood space drama film “Gravity” at an INOX Cinema (formerly FAME Cinemas) through an online portal. Not only was the 3D excellent, but the film also was worth the price. I rated it 10/10 here! And guess what, the 3D goggles cost me nothing. Everything […]

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I Once Named A Cyclone & Felt Acutely Bad About It

It is November 2013. The name was Rena. And it caused more than a thousand casualties. Although it was a dream which I now wish should never come true, I glanced at the headlines of TOI and instead of inducing jubilance, it worked against the purpose. People in the eastern-most outskirts of India and beyond […]

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I Once Asked A Girl Out To A Temple Who Was…

…menstruating. And she agreed. [Note to readers: The following post can be offensive, blasphemous & unorthodox at the same time.] And it was the time when every other friend of yours refrains from non-vegan food due to one of the imminent festivals related to God. I remember, Ganesh Chaturthi was on its way and the girl […]

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How To Be A Bad Teacher?

Now that I have your attention, let me remind & instill in your brain that there is no such thing as a bad teacher. A teacher can never be bad at his/her profession. If he/she teaches bad, he/she would be a fantastic mentor; if he/she is a poor guide, he/she would be a fantastic tutor; […]

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Theft System, Part 1 – The Lady Who Killed The College

The asphalt on the road grinned at me joyfully as it rained. I got inside a standing area to prevent the stack of writing pages I was holding in a polythene packet from getting wet. I was dumb. Next moment, I was angry. The pages in the stack were single-side ruled. I wanted double-side ruled […]

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